Issue 59, Spring 2000


This issue's cover features the work of Tom Weickum of Cheyenne, Wyoming. The two pronghorns were mounted specially for the NTA competition, held in June of 1999 in Billings, Montana. Each head was entered into the Division of Excellence, and scored a 97 and 98, earning Tom second and fourth placings in this single-ribbon division. In 1996, Tom won the NTA's North American Champion award, and the next year, he won Best in World Gamehead, both with pronghorn entries.


The Breakthrough Gallery - The Artistry of Scott Lennard
Preparing and Working with Dried Bird Skins - Stefan Savides
Paint Schedule for Whitetail Deer - Bill Yox
Wall Hanging Base - Gary Bowen
Mounting Small Birds - Warren Young
Mounting a Rutting Pronghorn - Tom Weickum
Photo Essay: Vanity Plates - Ken Edwards
Part V, Final: Studio Design & Layout - Sandy Garland
Artist Profile: Ken Walker - John N. Felsher
Fast Foliage - Larry Goldman
Part II, Final: Carving A River Brown Trout - Bob Berry
Painting A River Brown Trout - Bob Berry
Taxidermy...World: St. Petersburg, Russia - Dan Rinehart
In-Depth Study: Bongo - JohnBellucci
Common Fish Carving Mistakes: "No-Ball-Eye" - Bob Berry
Painting A Small King Salmon - Jeff Brain


Letters to the Editor
Calendar of Events
Schools & Training
Classified Ads
The Breakthrough Library
Advertising Directory


Industry Q & A - Larry Goldman
"I Was Shot!" - Paul Czarnecki
Cujo Dies at 21 - John Bellucci
Lightning Kills Elk in Colorado - Safari Times
Stop Giving Your Work Away! - Steve Novak
Tanning Q & A - Bruce Rittel
European Skull Mounts-Up! - Steve Novak
PTA Helps Camp Compass - John Annoni
Eddie Bauer Caves In to Antis - Safari Times
Judge With Compassion - Jim Silva
Saving Whitetail Eyelashes - Boxie Kallina
SEND IN YOUR SURVEYS! - Larry Blomquist
Repairing Damaged Fish - Matt Thompson
Raj Paul Wins SCI Award - Safari Club-Houston
Big Bases, Small Problems - Boxie Kallina
Free Poster Offer - Paul Thiesing
Changes for the Next WTC - Larry Blomquist

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