Realfish Paint Schedules Vol. 2



By Ron Reynolds



This spiral-bound manual has full-color paint schedules for 33 species of fresh water fish. Reference of live fish has been added for each species, including Reynolds' techniques for artificial blanks, perfect for fish carvers. 8 1/2 x 11 Softbound.


  1. Butterfly Peacock Bass
  2. Royal Pavon
  3. Female Peacock Bass
  4. Tiger Rockfish
  5. The Yellow Eyed Rockfish
  6. The Copper Rockfish
  7. The China Rockfish
  8. The Quillback Rockfish
  9. The Sauger
  10. The Hybrid Striped Bass
  11. The Sheefish
  12. The Burbot or Ling
  13. The Bowfin
  14. The Palomino Trout
  15. The Golden Trout
  16. The Stream Brown Trout
  17. The Splake
  18. Fresh Run Steelhead
  19. Great Lakes Spawning Steelhead
  20. Spawning Sockeye Salmon
  21. Spawning Coho Salmon
  22. Sea Run Coho or Silver Salmon
  23. Sea Run Chinook or King Salmon
  24. Spawning Chum Salmon
  25. Spawning Pink Salmon
  26. The Land Locked Salmon, Quananiche (male)
  27. Spawning Steelhead
  28. Leopard Rainbow Trout
  29. The Dolly Varden
  30. The Cutthroat Trout
  31. The Tiger Trout
  32. The Chain Pickerel
  33. Rock Bass
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