Issue 84, Fall 2006

Gyrfalcon by Erling Morch

No one phrased it better than Mike Boyce, who several years ago spoke about how sometimes a certain piece will grab you. It will not necessarily be the top scoring piece, but will have a certain pizazz that is instantly noticeable and puts it to the top. That s what this gyrfalcon by Danish taxidermist Erling Morch did the second we (Jeff Mourning and I) placed it in the lights in front of the background for Larry to photograph: That s a cover! we three said together. The cover was shot on location at the 2006 European Federation Taxidermy Championships in Longarone, Italy. Erling is the developer of Europe Eyes, an excellent line of acrylic eyes. Kathy Blomquist, Editor.


The BREAKTHROUGH Gallery - The 2006 European Championships
The 2006 European Championships Longarone Belluno Italy
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Sheep Horns & Skulls: Proven Method. - Tony Grabowski
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Competition Base Work with a Difference - Carl Church
A Golden Tale (Small Fry) - Bob Berry
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Yox Yacks: A Large, Loud, Unified Voice - Bill Yox
Introducing the Champions Trout Collection - Clark Schreibeis
Q&A - Larry Goldman
I WOOD Like To Know - Larry Goldman
Best of Forums, Vol. 23: That Taxidermy Shop Smell - Ken Edwards


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