Issue 63, Spring 2001


Our cover and Gallery features the art of Wisconsin taxidermist Mike Orthober. This stringer-mount of smallmouth bass exemplifies the taxidermy produced from his studio. Mike will conduct a seminar and judge at the 2001 World taxidermy Championships®. His brother, matt, a professional photographer, also shows his talents by providing beautiful photos of Mike's work.


The Breakthrough Gallery - Mike Orthober
Part 2: Competition Open-Mouth Deer - Dan Rinehart
Mounting a Golden Eagle - Warren Young
Mounting a Bald Eagle - George Roof
Air Compressor Blues - Don Frank
Finishing a Whitetail Deer with Oil Paints - Ben Mears
Repros: Scale Texturing & Prep Work - Dan Rinehart
Altering for a Grant's Gazelle - Ron Schaefer
Repairing Damaged African Skins - Larry Blomquist
Back to Basics: Incisions - Rick Carter
How to Make Catfish Whiskers - Don Frank
New Series: Critique--The Art in Taxidermy - Stefan Savides
Product Review: The Quebec Lite - Bob Blaschke
I HATE It When This Happens! - Don Frank
Common Fish Carving Mistakes: Big Bases - Bob Berry
Three Phases: Painting a Smallmouth Bass - Mike Orthober


The Law and Taxidermists - Mike Oropallo
Q & A - Larry Goldman
Some People Have a Lot of Nerve! - Charles S. Odato
Image: We Shall Overcome - Frank Newmyer
Money: Don't Sell Yourself Short - Matt Thompson
Tanning Q & A - Bruce Rittel
Shop Security - Barry Johnson
Competing at The World Show - Stefan Savides
Taxi-Dry Preventive Maintenance - Don Ryno
Cartoon: "Goofy Stuff" - Bob Chauvin
Best of the Forums, Vol. 3: eBay - Ken Edwards
Your Husband Might be a Taxidermist - Jane Kasik
Cartoon: "Goofy Stuff" - Bob Chauvin


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Issue 63
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