Issue 54, Winter 1998


Our cover features the taxidermy art of Harvey Zeigler from Marion, Illinois. This very artistic pieces features three hybrids, which are crosses from a wood duck (hen) and a English grey call duck (drake). English grey call ducks are very similar to mallards, but smaller. The reeds were made of steel by Ziegler. Two of the birds were entered at the 1998 NTA Convention in Huntsville, Alabama, scoring 96 and 97 in the Division of Excellence. At the 1998 Illinois competition, the mount received People's Choice, Best of Show, Taxidermists' Choice and the WASCO Award. Breakthrough Magazine recognizes Harvey Zeigler as one of the top waterfowl taxidermists in the world.

Cover: Wood Duck Hybrids
Mounted by Harvey Zeigler


The Breakthrough Gallery - NTA & IGT Winners
Casting Antlers Using Reverse Molding - Tony Breedlove
General George A. Custer's Last Battle - Dickie Wooten
Standing Mallard Body with a New Design - Cary Cochran
Plans for the 1999 World Shows - Larry Blomquist
Reproduction Antlers with Skulls - Jeff Kuhn
Back to Basics: Removable Antlers - Gary Bowen
Making a Rock and Dirt Base Habitat - Harry Paulson
Mounting Coldwater Fish - Dan Rinehart
Fish Carving Mistakes: The Caudal Lump - Bob Berry
Molding and Casting an Alligator Snapper - Tony Breedlove
Altering and Mounting A Lifesize Elephant - Ron Schaefer
Profile: Kenny Gallimore - John N. Felsher
In-Depth Study: Wildebeest - John Bellucci
Why Tanneries Are So Successful, Part VI - Bruce Rittel
Airbrushing the White Crappie - Larry Blomquist


Letters to the Editor
Calendar of Events
Schools & Training
Classified Ads
Photo Corner
The Breakthrough Library
Advertising Directory


Q & A - Larry Goldman
Diversification  - Gary Bowen
Books: African Animals - John Bellucci
Bird Taxidermy - Andy Campbell
Competitors and Judges - Bill Yox
Antler Scoring Systems - Perry Klein
European Display Cases - Glen Browning
Advice From South Africa - Gordon Mace
Protected Species in Competition - Larry Blomquist

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