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Waterfowl Photo Reference Study: Harlequins

Waterfowl Photo Reference Study: Harlequins

by Larry Blomquist

Author: Administrator Account/Saturday, April 20, 2024/Categories: Articles - All, Articles - Home Page, Winter 2024 Issue 152

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Harlequin ducks are small sea ducks. In North America they are also known as “lords and ladies.” Other names include painted ducks, totem-pole ducks, rock ducks, glacier ducks, mountain ducks, white-eyed divers, squeakers, and blue streaks. Adult breeding males have a colorful and complex plumage pattern. Their bills are blue-grey and their eyes are reddish. Adult females are less colorful, with brownish-grey plumage with three white patches on their heads: a round spot behind the eye, a larger patch from the eye to the bill, and a small spot above the eye.

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