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Seasonal Habitat for Turkey Mounts

Seasonal Habitat for Turkey Mounts

by Scenes-n-Nature

Author: Administrator Account/Sunday, November 21, 2021/Categories: Articles - All, Articles - Home Page, Summer 2021 Issue 142

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Taxidermists are often asked to create a base for multiple turkeys, whether a hunter was fortunate enough to score the coveted Grand Slam or simply had a great spring. We will walk through techniques that could be used to achieve any type of lightweight wall mount display for clients.

There were a few different processes we could have used. This includes creating an understructure: breaking pieces of foam and screwing them together, then applying spray foam. There are also other common methods involving chicken wire or carving A/B foam.

For what we had in mind, these techniques were not ideal. Using these methods often makes the display heavy and limits the shape of a custom rock. While they certainly have their places in the world of taxidermy, we went another direction. Our process allowed us to adjust terrain formations as we went and create a dynamic base without the weight. •



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