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Photo Reference: American Alligators

Photo Reference: American Alligators

by Larry Blomquist

Author: Administrator Account/Wednesday, January 19, 2022/Categories: Articles - All, Articles - Home Page, Fall 2021 Issue 143

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I have lived my entire life in Louisiana, and regularly have alligators in our pond and on occasion in our back yard. In my state if you live near a river, creek, or for that matter, a large ditch, pond, or swamp of any size, you will sooner or later will see an alligator. In the southern half of Louisiana the possibility of encountering a gator increases five fold because of the low flat land and numerous bayous and cypress swamps. Living in a state populated with gators does not make one an expert on this reptile’s anatomical features, mannerisms of how they stand, walk, swim or lie in a relaxed position on mud or ground. In fact, most of those folks who encounter a gator keep their distance and remotely observe one of the most intriguing reptiles of North America.

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