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Mounting a Flying Turkey

Mounting a Flying Turkey

by World Champion Cally Morris

Author: Anne/Sunday, June 7, 2020/Categories: Articles - All, Articles - Home Page, Spring 2020 Issue 137

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Without question some of the most popular articles we have ever published were turkey procedure articles by World Champion Cally Morris. (Articles on his procedures have appeared in Issues 66, 67, 68, 75, 80, and 81.) Cally’s unique streamline process for mounting turkeys in all attitudes was a game changer in mounting one of North America’s favorite and most difficult to mount game birds. Cally has been planning and working toward the introduction of his new line of turkey forms, The World Slam Series. These new forms introduce improvements in the design and usage of his turkey forms and associated products. Cally has also established a school for instruction in all areas of taxidermy with some of the top names in the taxidermy industry. We are extremely happy to present in this issue Cally’s article on mounting a flying turkey using his new line of turkey forms. These forms are made specifically for flight and are made specific as to a left or right direction of flight. The difference in the flight to the right and flight to the left is the lower wing ball socket is angled down slightly and the upper wing ball socket is angled slightly upward to accommodate wing angle setting close to the wall. Cally’s full procedure for mounting a flying turkey is shown in detail using over 100 photos and captioned instructions from this talented World Champion. Cally has improved what was once considered by many as the best turkey forms on the market. Now he is going to show all of use the best way to mount on them.

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