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Mounting a Coatimundi

Mounting a Coatimundi

by Bob Mead

Author: Administrator Account/Tuesday, October 31, 2023/Categories: Articles - All, Articles - Home Page, Summer 2023 Issue 150

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Coatimundis (Nasua Nasua), are members of the raccoon family, and are interesting little critters to mount. Coatimundis range from Arizona and parts of southern New Mexico in the United States through Mexico (except the Baja peninsula and central Sierra Madres), and Central America to Panama and marginally into South America in areas west of the Andes, especially in Colombia. Coatis walk with their ringed tails held high, and when climbing, their tails are used for balance. Their ankles are double jointed and extremely flexible, enabling them to descend trees headfirst. With their elongated noses and miniature bear-like faces, coatimundis present a few taxidermical challenges that are not difficult to overcome. A little attention to details and preparation will ensure a unique and stunning mount for your client.

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