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Breakthrough Award Winners from 2021

Breakthrough Award Winners from 2021

Author: Administrator Account/Wednesday, January 19, 2022/Categories: Articles - All, Articles - Home Page, Fall 2021 Issue 143

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The highest award an entry can receive at a state or national competition is Judges’ Choice Best of Show. Breakthrough is honoring this top achievement with the Breakthrough Award for Judges’ Choice Best of Show. Each winner receives a handsome plaque and a gift certificate from Breakthrough worth $50.00 in subscription renewals and merchandise. This is our way of thanking and perhaps giving additional motivation for the many artists of our profession. Here are the winners we are featuring from 2021:

National Taxidermists Association Wes Mote

European Taxidermy Championships  Wesley Kevenaar

California Taxidermists Association     Richard Mark

Colorado Association of Taxidermists  Doug Barnes

Georgia Taxidermists Association Tommy Rogers

Idaho Taxidermists Association     Richard Mark

Iowa Taxidermists Association      Darin Brincks

Kentucky Taxidermists Association     Danny Knight

Louisiana Taxidermists Association     Kyle Landry

Maryland Taxidermists Association      Chad See

Michigan Taxidermists Association        Matt Diemer

Minnesota Taxidermists Association    Bill Neuman

Nebraska Taxidermists Association     Jamie Brincks

NC Taxidermists Association  Russell Coble

Ohio Taxidermists Association      Casey Watterson

Oklahoma Taxidermists Association    Jerry Huffaker

SC Taxidermists Association  Kevin Whidby

Tennessee Taxidermists Association   Michael Bryant

Texas Taxidermists Association    Jerry Huffaker

Utah Taxidermists Association      Ben Nielsen

WV Taxidermists Association Shawn Powell

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