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Appreciate Your Fixed Assets

Appreciate Your Fixed Assets

John Jennings

Author: Administrator Account/Saturday, March 24, 2018/Categories: Articles - All, Articles - Home Page, Fall 2017 Issue 127

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Why Taxidermists Should Appreciate Their Fixed Assets, by John Jennings: "The number-one reason to purchase fixed assets is to make money. Most taxidermists own fixed assets of one kind or another. You probably own a freezer or two, equipment like a fleshing machine or bandsaw, and maybe even a computer or a smartphone. These assets will wear out and lose value over time. You need to account for this wear and tear, and eventually replace them as needed. One way to gradually turn these fixed assets back into cash is through depreciation. Depreciating assets has a small positive effect on your cash flow. There are many ways to depreciate a fixed asset."
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