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Mounting a Flying Turkey

Mounting a Flying Turkey

by World Champion Cally Morris

Without question some of the most popular articles we have ever published were turkey procedure articles by World Champion Cally Morris. (Articles on his procedures have appeared in Issues 66, 67, 68, 75, 80, and 81.) Cally’s unique streamline process for mounting turkeys in all attitudes was a game changer in mounting one of North America’s favorite and most difficult to mount game birds. Cally has been planning and working toward the introduction of his new line of turkey forms, The World Slam Series. These new forms introduce improvements in the design and usage of his turkey forms and associated products. Cally has also established a school for instruction in all areas of taxidermy with some of the top names in the taxidermy industry. We are extremely happy to present in this issue Cally’s article on mounting a flying turkey using his new line of turkey forms. These forms are made specifically for flight and are made specific as to a left or right direction of flight. The difference in the flight to the right and flight to the left is the lower wing ball socket is angled down slightly and the upper wing ball socket is angled slightly upward to accommodate wing angle setting close to the wall. Cally’s full procedure for mounting a flying turkey is shown in detail using over 100 photos and captioned instructions from this talented World Champion. Cally has improved what was once considered by many as the best turkey forms on the market. Now he is going to show all of use the best way to mount on them.

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Part 2: Breakthrough Award Winners

Part 2: Breakthrough Award Winners

Winners from 2019

THE HIGHEST AWARD AN ENTRY CAN receive is Judges’ Choice Best of Show. Breakthrough is honoring this top achievement with the Breakthrough Award for Judges’ Choice Best of Show. Each winner receives a handsome plaque and a gift certificate from Breakthrough worth $50 in subscription renewals and merchandise. This is our way of thanking and perhaps giving additional motivation for the many artists of our profession. Here are the remaining winners from 2019.


  • National Associations
  • NTA       Clint Rickey
  • New Zealand      Louise Pearson
  • Australia      Ben Carillo
  • Canada Georgie Elekes
  • State/regional Associations
  • Alabama      Ryan Searce
  • Arizona Terry Johnson
  • California     Seth Lane
  • Colorado      Doug Barnes
  • Florida   Mike Mizelle
  • Illinois   Bruce Owens
  • Indiana  Chip Wendt
  • Kansas  Cory Foth
  • Kentucky      Butch Irwin
  • &
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The 2019 World Taxidermy and Fish Carving Championships

The 2019 World Taxidermy and Fish Carving Championships

April 30- May 4, 2019 Expo Center Springfield, Missouri

I am very happy to say another very successful World Show is in the books. The tempo and enthusiasm of the show was extremely high, and it increased several notches when hunting-celebrity Jim Shockey arrived. Jim spent every active minute of the show on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday—meeting, visiting, and taking photos with show attendees. When he departed he told me that our group was the most genuine and down-to-earth group he had ever been around. That says a lot for a man who has traveled the world meeting sportsmen of all categories. I thank Ken Walker for putting me in touch with Jim and helping make his visit happen.

Jim Schockey loves taxidermy and its connection with preserving nature and exhibiting natural history.  He has designed, developed, and built his own wildlife museum in British Columbia and has a deep appreciation for the artistry that goes into preserving the animals he has hunted around the world, the vast majority taken by bow and arrow. During the show he met and made many new friends and the same can be said for the hundreds that had the opportunity to spend time with him.

During the show we also had the pleasure of a visit from Johnny Morris, owner and CEO of Bass Pro and Cabela’s. Johnny’s visit on Thursday evening gave me the opportunity to give him the VIP tour of the trade show and competition. For a man who owns more mounts than probably anyone in the world, he was extremely impressed with the quality and detail of the work at our show by so many world class taxidermists. He expressed a strong interest in Bass Pro being a big part in future World Championships.

One of the common comments I hear from the many individuals during these Championships is, “I attend for many reasons, but it is the camaraderie and seeing old friends  that keeps me coming.” That is certainly true as I saw many old acquaintances, but at this year’s event we had a record number of newcomers. Every vendor I talked to in the trade show said it was an extremely busy show, also noting that they saw a lot of new faces and met a lot of new customers. Our registration supported this with 1,155 registered attendees representing 44 states and 19 countries. The Friday night award show had 582 in attendance. As you might imagine, Missouri had the highest attendance for a state with 74 registrants. Countries other than the USA saw Canada with 24 attendees and China with 13.

One of the highlights of this years award show was the presentation of the World Show Lifetime Achievement Award to Frank Newmyer. Our awards show producer, Ken Edwards, put together a beautiful video presentation showing the many facets of Frank’s life that earned him this prestigious award. You can find a link to the video showcasing Frank’s achievements and contributions at the website.

As we have done in the past, we are featuring the Best in World (taxidermy) winners in our first issue following the show. Full photo features of all taxidermy divisions and fish carving will be shown and reviewed in future issues of

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Mounting a World-Class Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mount Part 2: Making Earliners and Cape Preparation

Mounting a World-Class Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mount Part 2: Making Earliners and Cape Preparation


In Part 1 it was explained that this is a very detailed article covering the process of mounting a competition whitetail. I also emphasized that not all taxidermists want to do competition work, but I stressed that having this knowledge will make you a better commercial taxidermist and increase the value of your work. Every bit of knowledge we gain will reward us in many ways toward the road to being successful. Properly sizing a skin, preparing a form, and prepping the skin are the first steps to success in commercial and competition taxidermy.



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Making Baitfish

Making Baitfish

by World Champion Mike Kirkhart

     In this episode of “From the Water to the Wall” I am going to show you how to make reproduction baitfish that can enhance any fish mount and make you a few extra dollars while improving your display and helping to set you apart from your competitors. This method can be used for any small fish that is for a customer who desires a better than lonely looking fish mount. Shiners, panfish, minnows, or any small fish that is only a one-sided fish mount can be done this way. Of course you can be more ambitious than this method and make a two-sided mold, but this is for simplicity and basics, so it is sellable and affordable and profitable.

The materials used are silicone molding rubber, modeling clay, and urethane casting liquid.

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