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3D Printing and Taxidermy

3D Printing and Taxidermy

by Allis Markham

Author: Administrator Account/Sunday, July 8, 2018/Categories: Articles - All, Articles - Home Page, Spring 2018 Issue 129

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Three-D technology has 3 main applications: 1) scanning of real-world items; 2) sculpting of items in the digital world; 3) printing of items that are scanned or sculpted. While you must have an understanding of mechanics and machinery to work the software, even the most advanced 3D technician will tell you that you must first and most importantly understand the principles of both engineering and sculpture before embarking down the path of 3D. This is why I believe that taxidermists and wildlife artists will be able to use these tools very effectively.

With that said, I’d like to present three case studies from my work, all with varying degrees of success. None of these examples are perfect, but I learned something from each and am hoping to pass on my experiences to you.



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