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Breakthrough CLASSIFIEDS
You’ll get tremendous results from the LARGEST subscriber base in the industry! Phone 1-800-783-7266 • Fax (985) 542-1831 • E-mail: 2016 CLASSIFIED RATES: $1.50 per word, 24 word/$36.00 minimum. Unless the ad is to run  continuously, all classifieds must be prepaid, either by check, money order, American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover. BEST WAY: Email your ad and call with your credit card info. For credit  card orders, call 1-800-783-7266 (please have your ad written and prepared to read.) To fax your ad, dial 985-542-1831 and include ad copy with your credit card account number and expiration date. No matter how you send it, make sure you give us your name, area  code/telephone, issue(s) in which the ad is to appear and CATEGORY heading. No additional for punctuation, so please include it so your ad will be understandable. We cannot send tear sheets for classified ads.
HOW TO COUNT ADS: One or more characters divided by a space will count as one word. This includes a phone number, ZIP code, state abbreviation, plus sign (+), ampersand (&), email, and website. Two-letter state abbreviations will be used in all ads except where it is part of a company name. Words separated by a slash (/) or hyphen (–) will count as two words (example: “green-salted” will count as two words). We are not responsible if Web addresses hyphenate. 




SHOW-QUALITY WHOLESALE BIRD taxidermy. Fifteen years experience in birds. Delivery available within 300 miles. Contact Mike at Wilderness Creations Taxidermy, 406-360-9175, or at 


Safari Studios Taxidermy in beautiful San Angelo, TX is looking to hire another experienced taxidermist to add to our staff. Currently the studio employs 15 people with 5 taxidermists on staff. We operate out of a 13,000-foot secured facility. Applicant must be proficient with game heads (including African) and life-size. Can train a motivated individual. This is a commissioned-based paying job, and each taxidermist sets his own schedule. San Angelo has two high schools, three lakes, and bountiful hunting opportunities. Contact Jimmy Fontenot office 325-949-6890 (office), 325-650-9428 (cell). Email:, Visit our website Facebook: Safari Studios Taxidermy. 

Glen Dene Hunting & fishing is looking for a full-time person to manage the taxidermy business, guide, and help with expediting. This role has office support to, all taxidermy equipment is supplied, based at Lake Hawea New Zealand. A qualified Taxidermist skills are essential for this job. *The new role would begin around the 1st of Feb 2022. Accommodation options are available in lake Hawea. *Glen Dene has an established hunting and Fishing client base. *The role is diverse allowing the Taxidermist to guide and hunt as well. *Good marketing support, office and support is offered with the job.




Wholesale freeze-dry Items Available: Ducklings, Weasels, Squirrels, Mice, Panfish, velvet racks, etc. Or we freeze-dry YOURS. Telephone 218-263-7177. Full time since 1978. 


Freeze-dry service and dermestid beetle cleaning: Turkey heads $30.00. Ten to 12-week turnaround on a first-in, first-out method. Also mammals, reptiles and small fish. Lifelike Taxidermy, 510 Kennerdell St., Franklin, PA 16323. 814-432-4142. 

M.G.S. Enterprises, Inc., High Desert Taxidermy freeze dry service. Velvet antlers, turkey heads, small mammals, reptiles, etc. Artificial velvet. We buy turkey heads. (505) 860-8723,


AAA ANIMAL EXCHANGE: We’ve been serving the taxidermy community since 1976. We carry whitetail, mule deer, antelope, elk, caribou, and moose capes. We have North American lifesize species such as black bear, wolf, lynx, mountain lion, wolverine, coyote, fox, raccoon, and much more. We stock antlers and horns for most North American game as well. We also carry a wide variety of African plains game capes, lifesize, and horns. For further information contact Joe or Kelly Geryak at 317-416-4144 or

For Sale: Lifesize Hides, Capes, Antlers, Horns, Claws: Dall, Stone, Bighorn Sheep; Grizzly, Black, Polar Bears; Cougar, Mountain Goat, Caribou, Elk, Moose, Deer. Wildlife Taxidermy, 7774 Pleasant Valley Road, Vernon, British Columbia, V1B-3R7 Canada. 250-545-4614.

Huge inventory: Grizzly, dall and stone sheep, goat, cougar, wolverine, black bear, lynx, bobcats, timber wolf, deer, and much more. Antlers of all kinds. Sheep and goat horns. Moose and elk capes. Contact Full Moon Taxidermy at 250-847-3188.

100-cape collection for sale. Whitetail deer capes $75.00, $100.00 and up. Take your pick! Aves Studio, P.O. Box 344, River Falls, WI 54022. 715-386-9097.

EXOTIC SHEEP, AXIS, FALLOW, SIKA, Catalina, blackbuck, nilgai, oryx, wild boar capes, horns, antlers and golden pheasants. We also book whitetail and exotic hunts. Azlin Taxidermy, 1815 Kyle Rd., Clute, TX 77531. Call 979-265-2843.

EASTCOASTCAPES.COM. Just may be the best site in the world for capes, hides, and lifesize skins.

GIRAFFE PACKAGE FOR SALE: Giraffe cape, tanned by Carolina Fur. High quality skin with no slippage! Full-shoulder mannequin sculpted by Tom Weickum. Comes with form, eyes, and earliners. $2,500 + shipping. Telephone Dennis Dumont at (406) 293-0660. 




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