Who Has Won Best in World

by Larry Blomquist

We felt it was time to list and honor ALL those who have won Best in World Titles. The World Shows will be 38 years old this year and it is important that this history of accomplishments are remembered and not forgotten. If you multiply the winning entries listed in this review by the amount of time put into recreating each piece it would likely go into the hundred of thousands of hours. These accomplishments were earned, not just by being the best at that year’s competition, but by being the best in the world. Congratulations to those who have achieved this milestone and those that will do the same in the future.

The first World Show was held in 1983 in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a huge success, and brought forth the most cherished titles in taxidermy. During the formative years of the World Shows, it must be remembered that there were various category and title changes. We have attempted to present former winners in a simple and understandable listing, however, for the first couple of years, the names of various World Titles varied, and we have noted these variations.

We will also want to remind you that many times there were no World Titles given in various categories if the judges determine there were no entries worthy of those title. For that reason, you will notice that there were no titles awarded in certain years of the World Championships. 

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