by World Champion Don Frank

A couple of decades ago I had a booth at a large sports show in my hometown. The man who had the large booth next to me sold all kinds of accessories for four-wheelers, motorcycles, UTVs, and snowmobiles. During the slow times of the show he asked questions about taxidermy and I asked questions about his business. He owned a manufacturing business that made all of the products in his booth. Some of the gizmos were made in his hometown of Minnesota and the rest were assembled there from plastic injection parts that he contracted in Taiwan. He traveled there two or three times a year, coordinating the production of new products and the container shipments of the parts. I was familiar with the molding procedures we use in this industry to mold foam and plastic parts, but knew very little about injection-molding, and I asked questions about the process of producing tooling and the types of plastic used, etc. Much of the talk was simply idle chatter from boredom because the show fell on Super Bowl weekend and the weather outside was less than cooperative for travel. The potential customers were scarce and the hours were long.

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