Submersible Tanning = Tanning Quality

by Paul Cales

If you want the highest quality of tan, a submersible tan is the one you’re looking for. This procedure produces a tannery-quality tan; you just have to do a little math, but it’s not difficult. Skins are pickled first, then drained and weighed. From there they go into a separate “tanning solution.” If you are going to tan a lifesize mountain lion, etc., I recommend learning how to do a submersible tan because it is bombproof with regards to hair-set. Note: skins can be stored in a submersible tan. The theory that you will over-tan a skin if it is left in too long is simply not true as long as you are using the skin/weight formula. (If stored for longer than a week, cover the container to prevent water evaporation.)

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