Reference: And Then There Is The Zander

by Larry Blomquist

I could not end this feature that started last issue with Tim Gorenchan’s excellent article on the details of painting a walleye. Then the question came forward of the difference between walleyes and saugers. The previous article did not mention zanders because as far as I know there are no zanders in Canada. Zanders can be found all over Europe, and as they closely resemble walleyes. While zanders are almost exclusively found in Europe, the UK, and western Eurasia, two lakes in North America hold an actual population of them as well. These waters are Spiritwood Lake and Alkali Lake in North Dakota. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department officially stocked zanders in Spiritwood Lake back in 1989. Since then, these European predators (that look so much like walleyes) have inhabited this water. Here, both Spiritwood Lake, located near Jamestown, and the connected Alkali Lake south of it, hold populations of zanders.

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