Mounting a Sharp-Tailed Grouse

by Dave Luke

     Viewing the various prairie grouse photos, it became evident that both greater prairie chickens and sharp- tailed grouse were actually the two main varieties of prairie grouse that an American taxidermist would encounter. With this in mind and knowing that bird taxidermists across America would all eventually encounter these specimens within their studios, Breakthrough publisher Larry Blomquist thought a small article on assembly of a sharp-tailed grouse would be of interest.

     As in the previous article of mounting a prairie grouse I’m by-passing details of skinning fleshing washing and tumbling basically the prep work before assembly begins. This article will begin with a fully prepped skin ready to assemble. Let’s get started!

     To have Dave Luke's complete mounting procedure on this sharpie, subscribe online at www, or call 800-783-7266.

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