Mike Boyce

by Larry Blomquist

Thirty years ago in Issue 26 we published that first interview we did in January of 1991 with Mike Boyce. At that time Mike was 10 years into a vision and goal. We very likely received more positive comments about that interview than any article ever in Breakthrough. Ten thousand copies of that issue were printed with over 8,000 mailed to subscribers, and by early 1992 the issue was completely sold out. We have also been asked numerous times to republish that interview receiving requests just like this one from our Facebook page in a message to Kathy this past August, 2020:

“Hello Kathy. I have been talking with a couple of really talented ladies here in Wisconsin. They are rather new to the business. I’m mostly trying to get them to be smart in their pricing. I have NEVER forgotten the interview with Mike Boyce, Issue 26, from 1991. So I took pictures of it and sent it to them. That interview is timeless and should be read by everyone that starts doing taxidermy. Any chance of ever rerunning it? Just a thought.

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