Marlin: Open-Mouth Head Alteration

by World Champion Mike Kirkhart

Just a few months back I had a client who told me his exciting fish-catching story as we negotiated the plan for doing his mount. He expressed that excitement of his trophy marlin and how it jumped and thrashed while close to the boat at the end of the battle. He went on to tell me about the mouth and gills and all these observation details as they revived the beast while it swam alongside the slow-moving boat. It was during that conversation that I knew I could create for him a special mount and sealed the deal, negotiating the job if I altered my casting. I have a mold that was a perfect size and length but the mouth was only slightly open and the gills were closed. I wanted to do the mount to bring back to life the details he remembered of the wide open mouth and gills, so alterations on that cast were the only solution.

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