Habitat for a Spotted Seatrout

by Mike Kirkhart

We have been busy lately doing spotted seatrout for the fisherman of the saltwater shallows. Most of these folks are fishing in grass flats with oyster beds and various tree debris with roots, or just an old snag of a piling that’s eaten up with wood worms. Most of our fish are destined to be hanging alone on a wall, but a small percentage of customers, however, want to add a habitat surrounding the area where the fish was caught to be added in. This certainly takes the end result to a new and more artistic level. The question is sometimes how do I build that with a simple but effective method, creating art and beauty without tremendous expense to the customer, and still profit for the time it takes to do the project. I’m going to share the design that has most of the bugs worked out for me in this article. It’s going to be more photos than text, so if you like speed article-reading this is going to be a good one to check out.

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