Concepts in Observations

by Brian Hendricks

As long as many of us can remember, we’ve been attracted to wildlife. Your first introduction of silhouettes may have been in a book or a road sign depicting a whitetail deer, moose, or bear.

Millions of years ago, you would have needed to determine friend from foe; collecting data by the silhouette was probably the first tell. One can feature a hunter setting out mornings in a westward direction, while in evenings east, being aware of his own silhouette.

That’s how important the top line or silhouette is. When recreating wildlife, does your silhouette depict the species, or does it send mixed messages?

In this series of articles, we’ll explore visual similarities and differences in detail. Whether you’re committed to absolute realism or pushing the envelope toward taking artistic liberties, we’ll compare reference through various mediums, leaving your art to complete this study. This article is primarily about the similarities in kit foxes, red foxes, bobcats, and coyotes, however, it pertains to many other species.

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