Cape Buffalo Form Preparation Is the Name of the Game

by World Champion Joe Meder

With an ever growing demand for African mounts, taxidermists must be prepared to mount some of the more difficult species. A cape buffalo tops the list, presenting some unique challenges not only because of its size, but the character that it exudes in its menacing facial expression. Simply hanging a hide on a mannikin can leave a lot to be desired. Certainly the condition of the cape and the choice of mannikin will play a large role in the final outcome of the mount. A considerable amount of gamehead mounting experience would be beneficial as well. This article will address some of the specific concerns unique to a cape buffalo. Some of the special areas of interest are: (1) proper horn fumigation and set up; (2) shape of the ears and earbutts; (3) eye-setting and its relationship to the lacrimal crease; (4) wrinkles where wrinkles should be; (5) boss reconstruction and finish work; (6) form preparation. As this title implies, how you prepare the form will have a lot to do with how difficult it will be to mount a buffalo. A little extra time spent before the skin goes on the mannikin can make the actual mounting relatively simple.

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