A Fish Full of History

by Bill Leach

We have all received that call from a customer asking us to restore an old mount, and by the way of experience, we have learned in most cases to say no. Thus began my day in February 2020 when I took such a call from a customer asking me to restore a sailfish mount from the 1930s. I explained that it’s probably not worth his money or my time and he should explore the option of a fiberglass reproduction. The gentleman then proceeded to explain that this was not just any fish, but the fish that got Ernest Hemingway to come to Idaho.

This story now had my full attention and I asked him to explain. The caller said that in 1936 there was a young couple from Ketchum, Idaho, visiting Key West, Florida, on their honeymoon. They met Mr. Hemingway in a local bar and quickly became friends. Ernest invited them out on a fishing trip and this sailfish was caught by the newlyweds. Ernest had it mounted for them with the promise to deliver it to Idaho and see for himself this wonderful country as told to him by this couple. 

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