Reference Study: Gray Fox

Reference Study: Gray Fox

Larry Blomquist

Gray foxes can be found throughout most of the southern half of North America, from southern Canada to the very northern parts of South America. The common names for Urocyon cinereoargenteus are gray fox, grey fox, and tree fox. (Most research materials I have reviewed refer to them as gray foxes.)
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Rule Changes for 2017 WTC

Larry Blomquist Chairman and Producer of the WTC and WFCC

After every world taxidermy and Fish Carving Championships® we receive suggestions from the participants, our staff,  event leaders, and our core office group. Some are specific and others fairly comprehensive. We keep a list of these suggestions and evaluate each for consideration at the next show. Many of these changes are ultimately up to me as show chairman, but some, especially rules affecting the World Show competitions, are determined by advisors and the World Show Regulatory committee. This committee, consisting of Competition Chairman Skip Skidmore, Assistant Show Chairman Ken Edwards, and me, recently met and decided to implement the following changes for the 2017 show. Some of the changes are minor and what we call “fine tuning what we already had.” Few, if any, will have an impact on what you were planning or working on for the 2017 show, but some will affect divisions, categories, and subcategories of where your entry might need to compete. I felt it was important to show you these changes now instead of making you wade through all of the rules and regulations searching for them. It is, and will always be, the competitors’ responsibility to read, understand, and abide all rules, but since we have more changes than normal, we felt it was important to point them out individually.
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