Issue 55, Spring 1999


Mounted by Dennis Becker


The Breakthrough Gallery: The 1999 Pennsylvania Show
Wiring Large, Flying waterfowl
Air Tools Save Time
Fillers Are the Key to Habitats
The 1998 Northeast Wildlife Art Show
Why Tanneries Succeed: The Process is Controlled
Common Fish Carving Mistakes: The "Bullet-Head"
Taxidermy Quiz: Can YOU Pass The Test?
Strutting Turkey: Mounting & Grooming
In-Depth Study: Impalas
Western Adventures Abound
Part I: Shop Layout and Design
I Hate That: The Spud-Gun
Biggs' Newest Whitetail Book
1999 Pennsylvania Competition
Paint Schedule: Long-Nosed Gar
Provenzano's Cookbook
Whirling Disease
Cutting Plexiglass
Who Has Won Best In World?
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