Issue 53, Fall 1998


Mounted by Rick Carter


Gallery: Whitetails of 1998
Pedestal Bighorn
Scale Tipping With Foil
Making A Pheasant Habitat
Mounting A Sleeping Whitetail
Reason 5, Why Tanneries Are So Successful
Maintain A Professional Image
The Yellowstone Region
Mounting Gomek The Crocodile
The Upcoming 1999 World Shows
Molding/Casting an Artificial WT Tongue
1998 IGT Winners
In-Depth Study: Elephants
Ruffed Grouse, Part 2
1998 European Competition Winners
Lance Lyons
1998 NTA Sculpting/Original Art Winners
Tips for Freeze-Drying
Pencil Tips
Spreading The Word
Eyes-Rite Mannikins
Tom Bolack Dies
Ethics: Running The Bases
Protected Species in Competition?
Getting A Quality Rug
Wheelin' Sportsmen

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