Issue 48, Summer 1997


Mounted by Rodney Schreurs


Gallery: 1997 World Show Winners
Temminck's Tragopan
OM Flehmening WT Deer
The 1997 World Show Winners
Taxidermy Sculpting Part II
Buckmasters New Scoring System
Artificial Ice Crystals
WT Deer: Competition Experience
In-Depth Study: Warthogs
Turkey Head Paint Schedule
Freeze-Drying Albino Grey Squirrel
Professional Antler Mounting
How To Age WT Deer
Polar Bear Regulations Disappointing
Telephone: Beast, Burden, Blessing?
Artists Get Wild in Vermont
An Older Jonas Catalog
Tribute: Carl Schwarz, Jr.
Does Professionalism Apply To Taxidermy?
1998 European Competition in Riihm�ki
A Great Source for African Reference
Proper Care and Uses for Claws & Canines
Paint Schedule: Red-ear Sunfish
Buckeye's Earliners Have The Inside Story

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