Issue 44, Summer 1996


Mounted by John Bellucci


GALLERY: Marcus Zimmerman
Tule Elk Taxidermy
Creating Water Surface Effects
Skin Alignment
New Fish Carving Magazine
Reference Study: Pintail
Mounting A Lifesize Grizzly
Mounting A Lifesize Bighorn
Permanent, Flexible Fish Head Molds
Ollie's Wood Duck, Part 1
Weber's Competition Bass
In-Depth Study: Cape Buffalo
The Right Stuff (fish carving)
NTA: The Early Years, Part II
Savides: Porta-Shop
Freeze-Drying Fish, Freeze-Drying Birds
Interview: Alan Anger
Pike Head Basics
Elk Ivory Removal
Kuhn: The Great Upheaval
You Might Be A Taxidermist...
Is It Real or Memorex?
Tanning Tips: pH Control
Fish Painting Schedule/Reference: Redfish

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