2016 Breakthrough Award Winners


Australian Assoc. of Wildlife Artists         Tony Bianco

Canada Taxidermists Association               Ken Noyes

National Taxidermists Association             Tim Gorenchan

New Zealand Taxidermists Assoc.             Ben Carillo

United Kingdom Guild of Taxidermy        Jack Fishwick

United Taxidermists of America                Rodney Schreurs

Arkansas                                                Mickey Bowman

California                                               Ken Walker

Colorado                                               Josh Gustard

Florida                                                  Doug Montgomery

Georgia                                                 Bret Miller

Idaho                                                    Alan Cox

Illinois                                                  Mike Nakielski

Indiana                                                  Danny Knight

Kansas                                                  Bruce Owens

Kentucky                                              Wyatt Hayes

Louisiana                                               Lee Duet

Michigan                                               Matt Diemer

Mississippi                                             Jay Huye

Missouri                                                Jason Delue

Mountain West                                      Mike Nakielski

New England                                        Ryan Rhodes

New Jersey                                            Bill Dunn

New York                                             Robert Schmouder

Northern New England                          Alex Harrington

Ohio                                                    Matt Diemer

Oklahoma                                             Jerry Huffaker

Pennsylvania                                         Vince Spellane

Quebec                                                Royal Robillard

South Dakota                                        Mike Nakielski

Southern Regional                                 Chip Hayes

Tennessee                                             Jay Huye

Utah                                                     Ryan Cook

Washington                                           Clinton Hall

West Virginia                                         Amy Carter

Wisconsin                                             Mike Nakielski


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